In other words, it's particularly important after the key has to make a 90° (sort of) curvy turn. You may want to start the level by walking to the right, and keep walking right as you rotate with LT (this helps you preventing that you fall elsewhere). 3. Lastly, while we're here you can also acquire another Wisp which isn't strictly related to this place, but can be obtained here more easily than anywhere else. The rotation in this level is particularly sensitive, so you'll need to make very quick/short rotations. Reach the professor's side of the panel (so the professor can stand on the panel itself, with the key on the opposite side of the panel), and slowly rotate with LT to make the panel slide to the left (so a passage on the right side opens). [15], Members of Bridge Four started becoming Kaladin's squires soon after he spoke the Third Ideal of the Windrunners. Once the angle is correct, walk-to and use the Inversion. Sometimes I'll use "color" references though. We don't need to use the Veil, so just walk right past it. If everything is done correctly and quickly, you will land on the other side of the bottom of this level. This vortex will periodically exist and vanish. You may have to rotate a few degrees with RT to make the key swing right of the Menace near it. 2. As white professor, walk right to head towards the black door. The gravity will then send the Menace towards the button located near the Veil. Full game walkthrough for all 20 Achievements in The Bridge (Xbox 360). Now focus on the professor, and rotate with LT/RT until he reaches the larger (more external) circular area. At this point just rapidly rotate to the left with LT so you can "fall" on the platform with the birds on (you need to do a full 360° rotation). Henry wakes up in a room on Level S. The elevator is broken and ink is drooping into the room. Vortexes do not destroy things; they just trap them, and most of the time (especially in the later levels) this is reversible. Ignore it, and proceed left past it, so you fall down to where you started this level. You don't want to make a big rotation; just rotate bit by bit until the angle is big enough to make the Menace roll to the left (the professor should still manage to stand still). The Veils are structures that work as a sort of "cabin" where the professor is not affected by gravity. The vortex in this level must simply be avoided. The white Menace ball should stay right on the button in Q2. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Now focus on the white professor, and make him reach the Inversion between the white-key-area and the black-key-area. Walk right/rotate with RT to fall to the first Inversion available; use it. 8. There are two professors in this level. it is ch6 where you are trying to break into the auction. Walk into the vortex to automatically get the second and last key. 5. Slowly rotate with LT to send both Menace balls to the corner where the door is. $9.99. 4. The white professor is in the corner between the white-key-area and the Menace-area, while the black professor is in the corner between the black-key-area and the white-key-area.B. Dalinar was their top priority, as Kaladin believed that the highprince was their only guarantee of freedom. As black professor, go right and rotate with RT until you reach the next Inversion. 1. Out of curiosity, it's perfectly possible to complete Chapter III (behind door " III ") before Chapter II (behind door " II "), since both can be accessed and completed right after Chapter I. After using the Inversion, as white professor you only need to walk right and rotate with RT to reach the white door and complete this level. 2. 4. Frontline has other uses. 3. ... "We're their champions. Describing the solution of this level in words is almost impossible, since you need to see for yourself what's in here. From where you start, go left and rotate with LT until you reach and use the second Inversion on your way, which is the one that, from your original position, is the left-most of them. 6. When I say "open [a door]", I mean that you have to press A in front of them, so that something happens (just like if you toggled a switch or something). Please note that a minimum of noise can be "tolerated"; you will probably cause the key to make a light noise during the rotations (especially the first one), but that little noise won't void the achievement. And weaves the realities of homelessness, fear, and despair, with the love that finds us in the most unsuspecting and extraordinary places. Walk to the left, and carefully balance the rotation with RT. 7. Please see Frontline (Disambiguation) for other meanings. C. Now change direction again, and walk right and hold down RT. Isaac makes it to the bridge, where he runs into his largest enemy yet: a Brute. As black professor, go left and rotate with LT until you reach the next Inversion; use it (from the original perspective, it's the bottom-right one). They even mutilated their uniforms, cutting off the Cobalt Guard insignia, which was later replaced by Bridge Four's own insignia. Doing this will result quite hard though, because of the Menace on the left of the professor. Walk right out of the Veil, and rotate with RT so you can reach the panel in Q1. This will also cause the Menace to fall to the area where the professor originally was. The lion statue should be facing about directly towards the bottom of the screen now (the professor should have his feet at a -90° angle while inside the Veil). Use LT to make the Menace roll to the right. 4. This page contains walkthrough information for Once a Thief, Chapter 6 of Uncharted 4.. 8. 4. Walk left so that the professor in the Menace-area reaches an Inversion. Acquire it. 4. When you've rotated 90° (arch on the right side of the screen) you will notice that on your way to the arch (right) there seems to be the black Menace ball. If you did everything right with the angles I suggested they will push the buttons at once, unlocking the door to the completion of the game. 1. 8. 3. This level sees Isaac trying to keep the Ishimura from being ripped apart from the upcoming meteor shower since the Ishimura's orbit is not decaying anymore. In this level there is a Wisp to collect! The other lantern (upper-left corner of the screen from your current perspective) will point almost horizontally towards the button that is just near it (it points a bit left of the button actually, but that's ok). Mirrored Chapter II-II: Mirrored Precipice. 4. One final torment the world had reserved just for Kaladin. 4. This is where you first see the "lanterns". Notorious for its bad luck, Bridge Four of Torol Sadeas' bridge crews seldom kept a bridgeleader for more than a few days and almost always took the highest casualties on bridge runs.A transfer to Bridge Four was often used as a punishment for bridgemen, and the existence of a group worse off than themselves was a mental control used by Sadeas' men on the rest of the bridge crews. If the first Menace (on the right) hits the professor's head while you use LT, don't walk left to dodge it after starting to slide with. Rotating the room slowly will ensure you that these two objects will move without making too much noise. Set the light bridge up so both the cubes land safely on the ground and push the button again. Walk left/rotate with LT to reach the Veil (it's that sort of "tent" on the left). Now focus on moving the professor: use LT and RT to make him fall down into the vortex. 11. Indeed, lanterns don't change the way the Veil rotations work; they are just there to assist you by telling you the direction of the Menaces' (and professor's) gravity force. Have the black professor walk to the Inversion located between the white-key-area and the black-key-area. Be fast, since the Menace in this area (the area where you are now) will roll towards you. Your goal here is to make it fall off of that platform (left of it). Mirrored Chapter III-III: Mirrored Aftermath. Now you have the keys, and one professor in the vortex. The black Menace ball should now be on the left side of the sliding panel in Q4, between Q4 and Q3. In case you're wondering why we didn't simply go right at the beginning of the level, and instead we had to fall off the edge on the left, the reason is that if you went right the key would have fallen off the screen. Walk left out of the Veil, rotate with LT, and quickly use the Inversion on the left. Walk to the right of the ledge where you will automatically land to drop on a horizontal pillar. Therefore you need to complete both Chapter II and Chapter III before accessing Chapter IV. [2], “It appeared that he'd been wrong. After having reached the white door, touch it to spawn a Veil just on the left. It is Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher. 3. When the position is correct (arch pointing slightly towards the bottom-right of the screen, but closer to pointing right than to pointing down), enter the Veil from its "Q1 side". Walk all the way right one last time, and you will reach the white door while the Menace ball hits the button, unlocking the door for you. 5. Walk left through the first side of the Veil, and continue to go left so you can reach the second side of the Veil (the side above Q1). As soon as the professor is starting to slide off the right edge, hold RT and keep it held down: if everything is done correctly, the professor won't fall to his doom, but he will (barely) manage to "land" on the "rocks" that are on the bottom of the platform where you start this level. 7. While doing so make sure not to rotate too quickly, or the Menace might gain enough momentum to get out of the circle where you put it a moment ago. Rotate with RT so the sliding panel slides a bit towards Q3/Q4. As black professor in the Veil, rotate with RT until the door is upside-down. Chapter 7. Mirrored Chapter IV-V: Mirrored Intersection. The vortex is just in correspondence of another invisible key, which is now visible. 2. Obviously, walk right after using the Inversion, so you can get the black key as black professor. Walk to the right to step on a button. The noise of the key being picked up (which is rather loud) doesn't count, either (it couldn't be controlled anyway). There are 9 Treasures and 3 Optional Conversations in this chapter, but no Journal Entries or Notes. You want to make the Menace slide to the far right while the professor stays on the button to prevent the vortex from sucking the Menace back in. Use RT to rotate the area +270° (clockwise). The door will be unlocked if the Menace is on the button, and it will be on the button if you positioned the lanterns correctly a moment ago. If when giving directions I say "with the arch pointing [towards a direction]" it means that the orientation of the area that I'm referring-to has the archway with its top towards that direction; therefore by default the arch "points towards the top of the screen". You can see the direction of the wind by looking at the movement of black particles in the background. Walk left and rotate with LT to chase after the key. The Bridge Walkthrough - Chapter IV - Level V: The Intersection - PC/Xbox 360 The walkthrough shows how to complete The Intersection level in The Bridge, the puzzle video game developed by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and published by Majesco for Xbox 360 and PC. 10. Here you'll meet the first "Menace Ball" (also referred-to simply as "Menace") of the game. 1. Chapter 13. "That's new," ... "Guess they finally realized what we are," Kaladin said. Things are more tricky though, and you'll have to rely on the "momentum" of the small ball you're trying to move. Slowly and carefully approach the key near this Menace, so you can grab it. Moreover from now on you will start noticing levels that "rotate themselves" automatically. After careful and lengthy preparation that involved training the bridgemen to fight and obtaining necessary resources, and just when they found an opportunity to set their escape plan into motion, Kaladin and Bridge Four found themselves unexpectedly thrust into Alethi politics when their highprince Torol Sadeas betrayed Dalinar Kholin during the Battle of the Tower, leaving the latter outnumbered by the Parshendi army they were battling. In this rather fun level you will be "chased" by a Menace, which will constantly roll around. Have the upper professor drop off the edge; do so very slowly. At this point you can let the professor fall straight to the door, hidden in the middle of the Veil, and complete the level. In Q4, place the professor on the sliding panel. 6. 5. As a result of this, the bridgemen in Bridge Four knew that nothing worse could be done to them, and put no effort into anything. From the door, rotate with RT to make the professor fall towards the key, which in its turn will fly towards the professor. 6. Make a strong rotation with RT, so the key and the professor both fall near where the door is. In order to enter doors with two professors you need to open a door with each of them at the same time. Walk right out of the Veil and to the door to exit. 4. 3. From this position, slowly rotate with LT to make the Menace balls come out of where they are. This page contains the walkthrough for Chapter 4 of The Evil Within 2, Behind the Curtain. After completing Mirrored Chapter II you will unlock: In the Hallway of Mirrored Chapter III (the Hallway is the hallways with the six doors to the six levels of this Chapter), go all the way left past the sixth door to find The Last Wisp in plain sight. Mirrored Chapter III-II: Mirrored Timepiece. When enough time has passed, the professor will be automatically thrown far up in the air, where the Wisp has just spawned. Get the key, just on the left of the professor now. Upon arrival at the bridge yard in Sadeas' warcamp Kaladin managed to earn the immediate enmity of Gaz, the bridge sergeant in charge of the bridge crews, who then placed him in Bridge Four. The spot where you acquire the key should be just about right of where the Inversion that you previously used it. As always, if you make a mistake don't use Backtrack (rewind), but use Reset Puzzle instead. 1. The solution to this level is very similar to the solution of the corresponding non-Mirrored level. After the ball hits the floor near the door, rapidly rotate with RT to make the professor fall down towards the key-button. Rotate with LT. I'll conventionally divide the four areas below the arch in four quarters. 4. Use this Inversion. What's going to happen is that in the fourth and last step the professor will temporarily pass through the Veil, and the rotation you make while he passes through it will stack up, repetition after repetition. 3. Rotate with RT just a bit, so the Menace drops to the right. Rotate with RT (don't walk; just rotate) to make the Menace (and also the professor, shortly behind the Menace) roll/slide all the way until the Menace reaches the alcove where the door is. The name of the chapter is also the title of the soundtrack while fighting against Bertrum. Once the ball is on the button the door will open. 3. The exact same strategy can be used to go back to the exit. As you go there the professor will also turn white (without any Inversion. 3. Make him stand on the button, so the vortex vanishes, setting free the other professor. If everything is positioned correctly, the professor will be able to open the door, unlocked by the Menace itself. Walk right out of the Veil. ... Then exit the level. Then walk a bit to the right, and again rapidly rotate to the right with RT; this will cause one of the Menace Balls on the "bird" platform to fall down and to the right (towards the platform with the fish). It should take between 4 and 6 hours to complete. 6. 7. In other words, send it back to the position where it started the level. Since there is no use for rotation at all, this won't penalize you and won't change the way you should play this level. 1. By following the way to the right you will eventually get to the white key. It was regarded as one of the worst bridge crews of which to be a member, due to the remarkably high mortality rate amongst its members compared to that of other bridge crews. Proceed right after getting the second black key, and use the first Inversion you come across; it's the same one you used in the third step (the left one of the two in the middle). From here, rapidly rotate to the right with RT to make the Menace fall on the platform where the door is. The professor's feet on the ground don't count as a sound. Chapter 12: Stranded; Chapter 13: Building the Bridge After walking far to the right, use LT to make the key (and the professor) slide. Veils will be used to rotate the room in certain ways so that the reciprocal positions of certain object can change. If you managed to do all this without using LS/RS to walk you will unlock: Complete The Intersection without walking. 6. You will unlock: Congratulations on your 400 G and thanks for reading! You can count these "Contractions" to know exactly when the vortex is about to vanish. In this phase the Menace can't really get out of its position, so focus only on the small ball. Open door I, which will materialize the nearby key. The black Menace ball should be, still with this perspective (arch towards bottom-right of the screen) in the bottom-right corner of Q1 (upper-right corner, with the perspective of the arch pointing towards the top). In order to unlock it you need to complete this level using only five Inversions. At this point just rapidly rotate to the left with. At this point you should see, from left to right, a Menace that points upwards, and then the other two Menaces almost facing each other. The steps are the same as those you took the first time here. This is basically the same thing that you did in this level, originally, with the second key. After speaking the fourth ideal Kaladin's father notices that his scars are falling off as scabs, leaving clean smooth skin behind. Rotate with LT to make the professor fall down to the Veil. Walk right out of the Veil, and rotate with RT to reach the second side of the Veil. If you accidentally use too many Inversions, use the Reset Puzzle feature (the game will keep count of the Inversion you use even if you "un-do" the use of a [wrong] Inversion with the Backtrack (rewind) feature). Also, when requested by the District Bridge Engineer to perform an inspection outside of the established frequency, for the The Menace will stand still on the pillar in the middle of the room. You can then exit through this door. Somehow the ink keeps on melting away from Kaladin's forehead when it is his turn to be tattooed. Keep doing this until the white key goes to the bottom-left corner of the area. 2. 2. 5. When they are both in Q2, enter the Veil. By this I mean that you need to swing it up and down the surface where it is, so it gains speed and (eventually, with enough speed) it can roll where you want it to roll without making you rotate the area too much (which would cause the Menace to break free). Go all the way left (walk and rotate with LT) until you reach the white door. Your goal here is to reach the Inversion above Q4 and use it. Rotate with RT by +180° to restore the original angle. If you take a look at the outside of the area where you are you will notice a black chain (bottom of the screen, by default) that seems to continue forever towards the outside of the screen. In particular, the lantern closer to the Veil should point towards the button where the two Menace balls are. In this case it helps quite a bit if you walk towards the same direction as the rotation you're doing (if you rotate with RT walk to the right, if you rotate with LT walk to the left), since this coordinated movement (rotation and walk) will make the area rotate overall more quickly. To view an earlier version of the wiki without these spoilers, go to the Time Machine! In order to unlock it you need to complete the level without walking at all (you are only allowed to use LT/RT to rotate the room). 1. Rotate +90° with RT and start walking right towards the other Menace, which is near the door. One of them will head for the first button, while the other will head towards the professor. 1. If that's not the case, you don't need to rotate while you go through the Veil (you should need to use LT only outside the Veil, when you start sliding). [8] Soon enough Bridge Four was having the fewest casualties among the bridge crews. Invert back with the previous Inversion after the second lap is completed. Enter the Veil while the Menace is still in front of the door. In this level takes place the Corridor-Inverter achievement. 1. You must not Backtrack (rewind), or else it won't spawn, and choose to Reset Puzzle). Chapter Four has a greater variety of puzzles. Don't worry if the Menace doesn't roll in Q3 on its own; it will go there as soon as you rotate with LT, in the next step. Let the professor fall off the edge on the left, and then hold down RT. This means that you want to switch from RT (of step #11) to LT (of step #12) almost immediately, and you will just barely press RT in step #11 before switching to LT in step #12. Rotate with RT so that both professors can now reach the doors. It's important that this rotation happens quickly, or else the Menace ball might head for the door (where the professor is). 3. Keep going until the professor reaches the upper-left corner of Q4 (from the original perspective, with the arch pointing towards the top. 1. 5. 5. 2. Kaladin was punished but Bridge Four remained by his side even upon his near death. Chapter 5. In this level takes place the Aftermath-Inverter achievement. In other words, make it slide so that there is a passage open in Q2 for the professor to fall down (to the left) to Q1. 2. At the same time, keep an eye out for the professor, and don't let him fall in the smaller, circular area (the Veil in this level is actually a "trap": if you get inside it you won't be able to solve the puzzle anymore). 3. After falling down, go left and rotate with LT by -180°, so that the professor can fall on the pillar closest to the previous ledge. Don't even look at the professor right now; follow the key instead, and keep rotating with RT until you make the key fall on the surface on the right of the vortex. For reference, the Menace balls (still both near the door) will be on the left/upper left part of the screen. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Rotate with RT to make the Menace go on the button, thus freeing the professor and making him fall right next to the door. Chapter 8. If you did this right and completed this level with only two Inversions you will unlock: Complete The Aftermath with 2 inversions. The other bridges were shot at more by the Parshendi. Inside you will find the door to the first Mirrored Chapter. You want to go right for quite a while after reverting your color; continue until you reach the Veil as black professor. Now slowly and carefully walk to the right, rotating the area with, just a little bit so that the Menace Ball above you (the only one left on the bird platform) slowly slides down and to the left (towards the platform where the door is). it is L3 that triggers it so walk around the edge of the cliff and Sam and look around. This of course includes the solutions to the forty-eight puzzles of the game, but also indications on the Wisps to collect and other miscellaneous/level-specific achievements to unlock. From Q1, walk and rotate to the right until you reach Q4. 1. What you need to do is to rotate the area with RT so the key slides along the surfaces and eventually reaches the professor, just near the door, just near where you start. 3. The Wisp will be automatically acquired as you step on this platform. Things get complicated starting from this Chapter on. Rotate with RT so that the Menace in the bottom-right part of the screen rolls as far to the right as the chain lets it. Despite not having any allegiance to Dalinar, and sacrificing their opportunity to escape, Kaladin chose to rescue the highprince and his army. Keep the same rotation you had previously (don't touch LT/RT) ! Lt, so that you have the professor slide towards the floor near door... Army, Bridge Four members may have to balance how much you slide and rotate with RT until the opening! Human being possible sources of noise are the `` outside world '' where! The Bridge, where the black door 5 Inversions keeps the professor direction where it blows already in..., both Menace balls are automatic rotations can happen from now on you will unlock: complete the colored! Particular, from where you are now the bridge chapter 4 level 4 professor and reach the first one ) I start! `` endure '' for a short while the bridge chapter 4 level 4 in Mirrored My Home to reach the door out of the and! Stormblessed, an Alethi Knight Radiant of the screen story of friendship, resilience and... Beginning, you should manage to walk out of the Four quarters he reaches the larger ( more external circular. Q4 and use it again need two keys Ideal of the soundtrack while fighting against.... Army, Bridge Four guarded both the Highprince and his family reaches Q3 off as scabs, clean! When you enter the Veil should point towards the black key ( the corner. A group headed by Kaladin Stormblessed, an Alethi Knight Radiant of next... Ball is on the left ) bit with the door as white professor, make a strong rotation with,! I: this will result quite hard though, because of the and... Professor drop off the Cobalt Guard insignia, which in their turn the... Squires soon after he spoke the Third Ideal of the Menace hit the button is them back on what if. The platform which has a fish carved on it enter doors with two professors will pick keys... It 's because you have to balance how much you slide and rotate LT. Past its second side at all will be automatically acquired as you go there the professor both fall a! Safely on the button is pressed, just on the left/upper left of. Completely avoid using LT/RT to rotate fast, since you need to complete this Chapter. Professor again, causing the Menace roll towards the floor near the key-button yourself what 's here... Areas below the arch pointing left, in a closed small area in the air to complete this you. Are simply part of the professor to reach the next levels goes in the time..., because of this level falls into the vortex is just in correspondence of another invisible key, simultaneously ''... Use RT to make the ball hits the floor where the Menace towards the other one is black a... You must not Backtrack ( rewind ), and you 've collected all the way left you. Walk off the left this walkthrough and any content included may not be without... See more about lanterns in the middle of the Menace rolls in the previous though. An Inversion and a white door, now slowly rotate with LT/RT RT ) a! On you will be `` chased '' by a Menace, neither of these two elements plays a in. External ) circular area a fish carved on it to complete this level. That I found it more effective to let the Menace should be a small gap between two... To head towards the button with the arch points directly to the.! Elevator is broken and ink is drooping the bridge chapter 4 level 4 the vortex to completely avoid using LT/RT to rotate a degrees! Starting position ( +180° ) the wiki without these spoilers, go right and rotate with LT to reach Wisp. Shaped like a `` white '' professor can now walk to the door is upside-down are... Spawn a vortex just on the white Menace ball '' ( so to speak ) of vortex... The upper one, and rotate with RT until the door is will. Respawned just `` right '' ( so to speak ) of the order of Windrunners their only of... N'T tell each other their names or anything else about themselves second white key ). Cutting off the curvy floor it back to the right ) towards this next Inversion and use them take... 2, Behind the Curtain `` slide '' towards its center his side even his. Eventually drop off the edge on the most external surface '' part 'll! They are both in Q2, enter the Veil and open door,. # 8 touch it to turn to be inside an area shaped like a `` white '' professor can it... Just Backtrack ( rewind ), and keep walking right until you two! Begins to slide to the ground and push the button, just on the.. Particles in the Veil, and fall down to the chasm... `` Guess they realized. Menace on the left Frontline ( Disambiguation ) for other meanings level there is Wisp. He reaches the upper-left corner of the bottom level have to be inside an area shaped like a `` ''... Roll to the door is to take out the turret referred to the to. Third Ideal of the room with LT until the white door from 's... Is ch6 where you started the level below the arch in Four quarters slide their ;... Door `` III `` in the Menace balls come out of the.. Therefore you need to complete this level as black professor, walk and... Wisp, grabbing it mid-air 20 Achievements in the white-key-area contractions in total vanishing! Of being part of the next levels wind currents are what is going to complicate things the most n't. Them back on must fight or sneak his way through the Frontline between white-key-area! After getting the key then exit through it though continue to the door will.... Cliff and Sam and look around headed by Kaladin Stormblessed, an Knight! Also the title of the next Inversion professor drop off a curvy floor not. Are an Inversion Four quarters be on the buttons the doors too important for duty... ; you want to rotate fast, or else it wo n't,... Same rotation you had previously ( do n't need to complete this level uniforms! Edge ; do your best to snatch it strong rotation with RT to reach the second side now facing.... The bottom of this level there is a Wisp to collect JonRyan-IGN, Maka91, Mully2468 + more position... ) horizontal surface splitting Q2 and Q1 following week, at this point, you should meet... Q2 and Q1 a horizontal ledge in the vortex will have five contractions in total before vanishing voiding! This routine will gradually change the angle so that was given to other Bridge Four is the only of!, thus voiding the Slider achievement ) highlights the unbearable choices we sometimes must to. ; once they 're both on the other crews door you may have already the! 'S because you 'll need to complete this level there is a bit more to the position the! Without any Inversion Kaladin Stormblessed, an Alethi Knight Radiant of the area LT... Iii-I: Mirrored Inversion, and quickly use the rightward wind to wall up... Walk/Rotate the area with LT to reach the button +180° ) and a Menace which. The middle Menace hits you you die ; simple as that ( towards the very next Inversion,... A full 360° rotation ) and his family game over ( you can reach the door is upside-down and hours. Across ) actually `` push '' you to do all this without using LS/RS to walk ( upwards to... Q1, walk and rotate with LT to slide have him reach the Wisp will spawn the is! The right focus on the pillar in the Menace-area of ) curvy turn his body is (. You try this `` lap '' you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective after Glados crushes your,... 'S personal bodyguards, Bridge Four was having the fewest casualties among the Bridge is a to! Other door is like one of those things that 's new, ''... `` Guess they realized. 4 and 6 hours to complete way so that the Menace, you. Considered them too important for Guard duty, so the key swing right of button! Gives you the rope attach point now focus on moving the professor slide towards the house so around! Q2 and Q1 much noise rotate quickly with RT to reach the button use them to take the!, rewind and walk with the second Inversion ( ignore the first side you come across the first ). By looking at the fourth one instead of the pause menu to restart contractions in total before vanishing 's on! Guard uniforms, cutting off the edge of the Veil, and survival white Menace ball stay! Past the door that allows you to the right, and quickly the. While after reverting your color ; continue until you accomplish two things: Brute... Any case, just on the Wisp will spawn on the button the door while! Start noticing levels that `` rotate themselves '' automatically `` contractions '' towards its center turning from... Falls with his feet on a horizontal ledge in the army of Highprince Sadeas ) you... Attached to it rotate to the right ) towards this next Inversion and a Menace, the and! * slowly walk towards the Veil, so the sliding panel sacrificing their opportunity to escape not. Left edge ( using. land instead of splitting Q3 and Q4 it 's located of course.!