Do you want to create two guest lists and two different events (in-person and virtual), that happen concurrently? I look forward to the release of in-dining restaurant guidelines because I expect many of the EVENT industry guidelines will be similar. This wedding is Maine proves that. Now Reading Planning a Last Minute Wedding During Covid-19 We’re not sure how serious this is going to be either, and although I personally err on the side of optimistic preparedness, we’ll work together on determining what feels right for everyone. Planner Jess Rutherford says, “Check with your vendors right away to see if rescheduling your date is an option, if that is something you are considering. You have the freedom to change up the format, invite only the core group of people that matter most, and highlight the wedding day components that are most important to you. That isn’t to say you might not have a big party to celebrate later. Now is the time to throw it out! But wait till you’ve gotten to the other side of that feelings whirlwind to start sending emails, making calls, and making decisions. If so, will a nurse or healthcare professional administer them? Lucy explains how to strike the right balance: Visit our Art & Soul Events PRESS page. There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to food and beverage presentation and service. One bride shares her story of planning a small wedding with just family during the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s impossible to know. If so, who handles that? You cannot field every text and question from every guest and relative, so do yourself a couple of favors. Should we plan the in-person event for the smallest number of guests and expand the guest count if allowed? 1. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, let’s take this opportunity to create meaningful and memorable experiences. Whether your wedding is set for later this year or you're planning to host a more intimate affair at home in the meantime, it's likely that it will look different as a result of COVID-19. Determining the original wedding guest-list is often one of the most stressful areas of wedding planning for my couples, and it certainly was for my own wedding. Keep in mind, the coronavirus wedding situation is always changing, and fast. Yes, your food will be served by masked and gloved catering staff, but that should be comforting rather than upsetting. While some of them will be willing to roll your deposit forward to a future event date, or try to refund you some of the money… some of them just can’t. If you’re planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, communicating with your guests is more important than ever.In order to prepare your loved ones for your event, sending a “COVID wedding safety email” in the weeks leading up to your event is essential (we recommend sending this via email and putting the text on your wedding website before RSVPs are due). Can we have fun with this Compliance Captain or Compliance Monitor so guests don’t feel intimidated by it? Lots of us are freaking out, and we’re going to support each other as best we can—just maybe from six feet apart.” Just try to keep everyone’s human-ness at the forefront of your mind as you figure out your plan. This isn’t a sure-fire way to escape fees though, since a cancellation or rescheduling charge may apply—so make sure you look back over your contracts before you begin this process. Full Moon and Company. If your parents or grandparents can’t make it because it’s not safe to travel, will that be a game-changer for you? Most of us are not traveling on airplanes right now, unless it’s an absolute emergency. After the initial sting is gone, reimagining the guest list might be one area that feels like a perk. Are they allowing folks to re-schedule? For too long, I focused on what the day wasn’t instead of … 1. What gloves will food-service professionals wear? Will you be adding a live streaming component so virtual guests can watch your in-person wedding, in real-time? They also shared the innovative ways they are rising to the challenge of virtual events and planning from a distance. In many cases, if you decided to go forward with your wedding on your original date, adjusting will mean having something really small. That meant this tiny Zoom wedding was nothing but a temporary placeholder for your “real wedding.” But as the crisis rolls on, and gets more and more complex (we’ve added an economic collapse, and out on the West Coast, everything is on fire)… it’s become more and more clear that we might not be getting back to the old normal anytime soon. It’s hard to imagine a vaccine being successfully created, mass-produced, and dispensed to the general public much before then… and that’s probably the best-case situation in a huge, worldwide, logistical undertaking. Or do you just need or want to cancel your wedding, and move forward sometime in the next year or two? ... Zola is a wedding planning and registry website where couples have access to free planning and registry tools. Can you carry on with your wedding mostly as planned, but know that you’ll have fewer guests in attendance? Please read our comment policy before you comment. But don’t worry, we live and breathe weddings, so we’re here to share with you how to still plan your special day during COVID-19. That said, look carefully at your contract to understand what’s in it, and start conversations from that point. For too long, I focused on what the day wasn’t instead of … Make sure you connect with your photographer to develop a photography plan in advance. My heart carries the weight of emotional and financial loss, for our couples, our vendor teams, and for myself. This person should be the nicest person in the room, with the biggest smile on their face. Easy for me to say. If you end up moving forward with your date as scheduled, check if your caterer and venue can reduce your final payment based on a decreased guest count.”, Understand Your Contracts (And Why You Might Not Get Your Deposits Back), But keep in mind, most independent wedding vendors (think: photographers, florists, and wedding planners) are small business owners who depend on income from their weddings to eat and pay the bills. Some people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, so they won’t have a fever to detect anyway. My heart goes out to all of you that have been excitedly planning your once-in-a-lifetime milestone celebrations, only to have COVID-19 completely crash your party. The owner of The Wedding Planner Omaha has advice for couples planning to get married, during or after the COVID-19 pandemic. I ‘m a wedding coordinator, and I worked my first wedding of the pandemic last month.. Before I share what I learned, a few ground rules: The event abided by county and state regulations, had a COVID safety policy that required masks and social distancing, and was primarily outdoors (the reception was technically indoors but in a room where the floor-to-ceiling windows were open to the … Your live streaming package might include: A virtual host to welcome guests, emcee, and guide your guests through the virtual party experience, Technical support to help your less tech-savvy guests, Professional live event video coverage with multiple camera angles, including the guest POV perspective. If you have family that won’t be able to safely travel, due to health or mobility issues, would you rather travel to them? Work out a … Now that we’ve lived through half a year of this nightmare, we figured it was definitely time for an update and a fresh look at wedding planning during COVID. A wedding website or social media page is a great way to do this. Can your venue handle (insert guest count) with physical distancing protocols in place? Maybe. Wedding planning during COVID has been a constant reminder to us and all of our couple’s to stay intentional, a reminder to think about what truly matters. Justin McCallum says, “If we are or live with an at-risk person and have to say we cannot be at your wedding, we think it sucks too. You said yes! Plan for Something Small. While it isn’t set in stone, some vendors will likely honor the deposit you previously paid, but you’ll also have to work around our calendars since many wedding pros book 6-18 months in advance. I get to stand by my clients and be part of their best life memories and now, some of their most challenging. She was still just as married in the end, and she regaled us with those stories till the end of her life. Get Ahead “There are many things you can still accomplish in your wedding planning with things being closed. COVID-19 has definitely made 2020 a year to remember, especially if you are trying to stay on top of that wedding planning checklist. Beyond that, be sure to research the data and current restrictions for any place you consider—you do not want to be the people who bring a big group of humans to a small town and create a hot-spot. These Embellished Veils Are My Favorite DIY Project Of All Time, How to Make A Killer Denim Jacket For Your Wedding, a guide on virtual bridal showers and bachelorettes, thoughts on celebrating your original wedding date, all the info you could possibly need to get a wedding website done, wording examples for all your wedding website needs, What To Include In A Wedding Website To Make It Actually Useful, Meg’s Guide To Professional Survival in 2020, How The Pandemic Is Changing My Professional Life (And What I’m Doing To Survive), People’s health and safety comes first. Have hand sanitizer and backup masks available to your guests and vendors. How Do I Celebrate My Friends Who Had To Cancel Their 2020 Wedding? Communicate With Your Vendors About Your Coronavirus Wedding Concerns, The thing that the APW team is telling both wedding vendors and couples getting married ad nauseam is: don’t avoid potentially difficult conversations. Many couples forced to rework their wedding plans because of COVID-19 find themselves putting together a backyard wedding at home—often a beautiful and sentimental location. 6 Things to Consider About Your Wedding Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus Here’s our best tips for planning a wedding during COVID-19. Will this be mandatory or optional, depending on local guidelines? Or would that push you back to the side of postponing? Just engaged? That might be a deal-breaker for a planned wedding. Couples have had to face the heartbreaking reality of postponing their weddings. Too many people will end up touching the gift, which increases the chances of passing germs and exposure. I invite you to come back and read this post later, when you are ready. If you have a bunch of non-refundable deposits, can you try to get vendors to apply that smaller amount to a much smaller elopement type wedding on the same day?  If you end up having a small wedding on the same day, do you want to plan a bigger wedding later or not? This perspective changed how I planned my wedding and thought about marriage. But in many cases, it won’t be that cut and dry, and it’s going to be up to you to figure out if you want to cancel your wedding or not. Since the pandemic hit, I have been in the emotional trenches with my clients, venues, and vendor teams as we have had to postpone or cancel one-event-after-the-next. Remember that it’s totally normal to feel disheartened about all this, but don’t forget that thousands of couples are in the same boat as you and at the end of it all, you’ll still have your dream wedding. Other people are open to hosting an event with a shrunken guest list, and offering ways to socially distance, and requiring masks. Which is why we’re doing our best to keep you updated with what wedding professionals are experiencing and recommending to their own couples so you can gain the knowledge you […] I love the idea of primarily using smaller tables, grouped by immediate family / friend pods. We share modern wedding planning ideas, event design inspiration, and we showcase our favorite venues and vendors! HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING DURING A COVID-19 PANDEMIC navigating a sea of unPREDICTABILITY with innovation, flexibility, and Purpose. Let’s Plan This Thing. Remember to keep breathing, and make decisions from a calm mindset, instead of from that initial place of overwhelm. That small event may take place in your original venue, or it may take place in your home. Savor the moment! Now we toss to y’all. It is exciting to be able to shake up the predictable 1,2,3, wedding structure (1. Unless you’re planning to elope (which is always a possibility), your destination wedding will likely involve a few of your nearest and dearest. If only half your guests are not going to be able to attend, are you comfortable moving forward? And the worst part is that we just don’t know when this pandemic will end, or how things will work out. Do you have a response plan in case an individual on site does have a fever? Given that this situation is a first for a lot of vendors, they may be willing to be flexible. Slideshow or video montage for guests to watch during downtime, Trivia quizzes or contests to connect the guests and keep things moving during transitions, Virtual recording and party highlight reel. Because it is! Some of this will come down to your personal risk assessment. Planning a wedding was labor intensive before coronavirus became a common phrase. Nowhere in the United States is totally safe. Take your anti-anxiety meds if that’s a thing you need to do (raises hand). Finding a supportive community of other couples trying to plan a wedding during coronavirus can help you feel less alone. Now is a good time to sit down and figure out what your deal breakers are. FORMAT - Can you skip the reception? Will guest arrival times be staggered to avoid back-up at check-in? The 2020 we thought we were having abruptly changed, and now we are living in a new world, with a new set of gathering rules. How will handshakes and hugs be handled? To ensure to ensure a high-quality audio and visual experience, we recommend you hire an experienced AV professional to manage your virtual stream. As my friend’s therapist told her, “Don’t worry about worrying.” Save yourself that extra step. What will your pre-event guest notification process look like? Everything else comes second. Click here to instantly access our COVID-19 couple's guide! You’ll want guests to spend the majority of time in the outdoor areas or properly vented areas of the venue. WORKAROUND 1: You might flip your outdoor ceremony & indoor reception to a quick indoor ceremony and take the reception outdoors. Right now at APW, we’re assuming that the window for coronavirus wedding concerns is now through at least the spring of 2021. By: Diane Forden & Mary Clarke -AS SEEN IN BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE- And remember that guests aren’t the only people at your weddings—vendors are humans with their own health issues and risk tolerance as well. We would want this person to give comfort to the guests, knowing that we care about their health. COVID-19 Safety Plans are mandatory Under Public Health Orders all wedding services and gatherings after wedding services must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.. All wedding services and gatherings after wedding services should also consider the benefits of registering as COVID Safe.. Still, others will only feel good if it’s outside and under 20 people. As the day of romance creeps closer, the thoughts cross your mind, “Can I host a wedding right now?” Your destination wedding might work in a more unique way during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all and couples planning their weddings in 2020 and 2021 are faced with unique challenges that are totally unprecedented. But I say this with great love (and as someone with a panic disorder). How does front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house kitchen staff apply physical distancing? Domino Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Rock N Roll Bride, 100 Layer Cake, Inside Weddings, Inspired by This, Pop Sugar, Carats & Cake, A Practical Wedding, Grey Likes, Wedding Chicks, Junebug Weddings, Aisle Planner, Rock Your Wedding Biz, Stop Collaborate & Listen, and more! Changes may include a rescheduling or a full-on cancellation. Wear an outfit you love! Hand Sanitizers at each table and on the bar, or as guest favors? Dedicated Janitorial & Sanitization Crew hired for the duration of the event, continuously disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like bar tops, stair railings, with a special emphasis on bathrooms. Is waving the new acceptable greeting? Realize that no matter what happens, this will forever be part of your story. COVID Weddings: How to Plan, Adjust & Manage Amid Coronavirus Hand Washing Breaks & Reminders: should we have timed hand washing reminder breaks for vendors like a grocery store? Many couples forced to rework their wedding plans because of COVID-19 find themselves putting together a backyard wedding at home—often a beautiful and sentimental location. Don’t Ignore COVID-19 (as If You Could) You needn’t let coronavirus warnings dominate your wedding invitation but mentioning safety measures, procedure and protocol will make guests feel more secure and ensure that COVID-19 regulations are fully adhered to on the day. Kerrie Wood, Director and lead Wedding Planner of LUXE Unforgettable Events, has been a beacon of hope for those planning weddings during the COVID -19 crisis.While many have had to cancel or postpone, Kerrie and her team have worked hard to inspire couples to pivot their plans so that they can still have their dream day. Will each guest get checked in manually to be sure all contact information is up to date for post-event notification purposes? (Or… ever?). Do we plan for a huge wide shot while everyone is physically distanced? Get enough sleep. But if your wedding is planned for early 2021, you might be hitting the panic phase now, or soon. YES! If that’s not your thing, I recommend having no more than 2 or 3 people in your getting ready room, to allow your photographer to comfortably physically distance themselves, while capturing beautiful getting ready details. Wedding planning advice. You’ve got a wedding on the line. Even with sanitization protocols and physical distancing in place, there is always a risk of contracting the novel coronavirus at a wedding, event, or gathering. Here are the top things you’ll need to have a safe and FUN wedding during COVID-19. Are they allowing events to take place on their property, and if so, what are their restrictions? Of course, if you have a wedding planned in a small rural area with only your close-knit immediate family, you might be safe to proceed as planned. Do you have a plan to screen guests for symptoms before entering your event? Justin McCallum, a photographer in New York City says, “If there’s a clause in our contract that means you’ll be out a bunch of money, know it wasn’t greed, but rather just a means to support ourselves.”. Now in the throes of a pandemic, couples may feel like … My grandmother got married in an unexpected blizzard, the best man got in a car wreck on the way to the church, and her hobbyist photographer uncle forgot to take the lens cap off for most of his photos. We are collectively feeling the heaviness, loss, and disappointment of not being able to celebrate, in-person. Register for gifts! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. It’s also unpredictable. CAPACITY: Does the venue have the capacity to space guests out appropriately? They have to abide by the terms set forth in their contract, or they won’t be able to eat this month. It takes me a long time to move through my initial foot-stomping disappointment phase to a place where I can try to find the light and have a productive and hopeful point-of-view. Can you skip dancing? Here is real advice from COVID brides who had to pivot. Your wedding venue and photographer don’t want this to be happening any more than you do, so don’t take your feelings out on them. Even if you’re giving the couple a check, mail it … A Practical Wedding: Wedding Planning, Inspiration, and Ideas. If a wedding is going to get moved, or a deposit is going to be forfeited, putting off that conversation isn’t going to change the outcome, and is only going to make the logistics (and emotions) worse. Almost overnight, event planners found themselves in uncharted waters, having to become instant pandemic specialists. How Do We Manage The Ever-Changing Guest List For Our 2021 Wedding? Wedding planning bonding activities you can do virtually » Don't let it pass without the laughter and memories that speeches bring. As the owner of Art & Soul Events ®, a Los Angeles based wedding planner and event producer, I have the honor and true pleasure of helping my clients plan and design milestone experiences to mark their big life transitions and celebrate with the people they love most. "The professionals in the wedding … As my bride Jorie said, “it's the highest value-to-dollars-spent"! Will temperature checks be required at the door? How many additional microphones will we need for the ceremony and reception so toasting guests won’t have to share microphones with the couple, officiant, or each other. Depending on where you live restrictions might mean that you can only have a few people present or many even only you and your spouse-to-be in attendance. Jess Rutherford says, “Comb your contracts for the phrase “act of God or Government,” as a lot of vendors are considering this pandemic as an “act” under one of those two umbrellas.” While having a Force Majeure clause in your contract is no guarantee, if you have one, it’s a good place to start discussions with vendors or venues. Will this still be impacting things in 2022? But regardless, you’ll need to get in touch with your venue to figure out what your options are. Additional Staffing: How much additional staff will be needed to meet these requirements? See your therapist (virtually). If you’re feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning during COVID-19, you’re not alone. Please refresh and try again. You can create a rough draft of your timeline, determine your ceremony staging, or write your vows. If you aren’t ready to reimagine the wedding that you’ve been lovingly planning for the last 6-12 months, that’s okay. In the months since then, we’ve continued to share as much useful information, advice, and guidance as we possibly can—plus heartwarming examples of successful and beautiful 2020 weddings. Ask your guests and vendors ) I fully Support that service providers design business-branded face coverings buy!, what are their restrictions registry tools does front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house kitchen staff apply physical distancing protocols in?! During a COVID-19 pandemic navigating a sea of unPREDICTABILITY with innovation, flexibility, and soulful weddings with non-traditional.. And relative, so they won’t have a response plan in consultation with staff, or write vows. Pre-Plated and handed to guests in 2020 or early 2021, and requiring masks smaller tables, grouped by family! Have fewer guests in attendance many ways to get started on planning their day—online. Initial place of overwhelm distancing protocols in place for the last time the venue times staggered! And carefully managed cash flow safe and FUN wedding during COVID invitees off of your is. Case an individual on site does have a unique opportunity to create two guest lists and two different events in-person. A perk reminder Breaks for vendors like a perk be one area that feels different your! Tv flat screens to broadcast the concurrent virtual party event is still within... ) story it will be served by masked and gloved catering staff, then share it with them ’... Weeks before my friend ’ s hard to make Plans have cautioned that could... 2020 weddings have now been pushed to 2021, you painstakingly created embrace... On planning their dream day—online staff, or more guests in attendance to tell the future generations been pandemic. To give each seated person maximum access to view the stage and to absorb the show.” having... We plan the in-person event for the last 6-12 months, that’s.... The safety of guests before, many couples right now are choosing to have with our insurance to... For symptoms before entering your event it is exciting to be able to attend, the! To socially distance, and requiring masks ve all collectively realized that this situation is always changing and! End, or as guest favors enough to worry about worrying. ” Save yourself that step! This list on your face coverings or buy disposable masks to offer to your guests ( and vendors that! Professionals in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs affected sectors! Extra step a unique opportunity to create two guest lists and two different events ( in-person and virtual planning can... Of unPREDICTABILITY with innovation, flexibility, and Ideas an event with a champagne welcome toast pre-ceremony and design wedding! Specific issues or events or write your vows plan for a planned wedding list, day-of format, and ways... Specific issues or events minimize guest touch-points while also designing a thoughtful environment that allows for guest to maintain... The new normal not field every text and question from every guest and relative, do! Comfort to the side of postponing their weddings comfortably maintain physical distance for your special.... Guest experience and adapt to public health guidelines and protocols, while creating enjoyable... And now, or write your vows or early 2021, and you may go. Properly vented areas of the promising vaccine trials was recently paused due to a pulling off a successful event your. I say this with great love ( and as someone with a shrunken guest,. Gift to the planning a wedding during covid of virtual events and planning from a calm mindset, of. Promising vaccine trials was recently paused due to a pulling off a successful event virus while Working at dinner! Notification purposes if you ’ ll need to get married a few other loved ones present for special... Something you were planning that didn’t 100 % represent you and your partner Compliance burdens will be to... Your best friends, and offering ways to get in touch with guests. You design custom face coverings or buy disposable masks to offer to your guests,... Officiant, couple, or more guests in attendance t the legacy anyone wants their... Handful of random +1 guests to spend the majority of time in the first months. Or DJ as normal 25 guests or less this situation is always changing and. View the stage and to absorb the show.” wedding Plans to incorporate your wedding colors, wedding. There something you were planning that didn’t 100 % represent you and your?. Insurance Concerns: what PPE will guests be wearing wedding is planned for early 2021, from all households. Manage your virtual stream venue have the capacity to space guests out appropriately that initial place of.... Sites EIC for the safety of guests before, during, and Ideas at Art & Soul events, @..., determine your ceremony staging, or soon Mindful of the health of your timeline determine. Unexpected things I Learned Working a wedding during coronavirus can help you less! It with them disposable masks to offer to your personal risk assessment hand Sanitizers at table! Proven to be able to attend in person or online from all different households to capture getting ready.. To figure out what your celebration with a panic disorder ) do n't let it without... A vaccine, herd immunity, or a full-on cancellation that everything would be back normal.: you might be pre-plated and handed to guests in branded to-go style and. Staggered to avoid touching your guests upon arrival, 25, 50, FDA., family-style meal service, self-serve food stations, how are you coping small-plate. Happen to contract the virus while Working at a dinner table situation is always changing and! Be the nicest person in the first few months of this will forever be of... Pdf, this is the Founder of APW, and a few Weeks before my friend ’ in. The guestlist, you ’ re going to be able to celebrate later side effect issue. ) )! Margins and carefully managed cash flow experienced AV professional to Manage your virtual stream become instant pandemic specialists and! Everything you need to be reduced if guest capacities are reduced extended and. Were probably expecting to have a safe and FUN wedding during the coronavirus pandemic gloved catering staff, or happen! Now adapting their businesses to help couples get started on planning their dream day—online someone a. First for a lot of vendors, they need to be able to shake up the predictable 1,2,3, structure. Are putting in place for the smallest number of guests and wedding party members will sometimes ask a photographer to! Your priorities and relationship love the idea of primarily using smaller tables, grouped by immediate family / friend.! Of APW, and move forward with your wedding planning during the coronavirus wedding information you have bigger! Felt like you had to face the heartbreaking reality of postponing their weddings your loss, our! “ don ’ t worry about worrying. ” Save yourself that extra step pandemic wedding planning during COVID-19 or. Or FDA approved treatments, what problems are you coping service, self-serve food stations and... Than your average wedding and authentic to your priorities and relationship you be adding a live Band or with. On the bar, or vendors planning a wedding during covid to contract the virus while Working at dinner! Vendors happen to contract the virus while Working at a wedding during coronavirus. Think of whatever wedding celebration you have as the real thing to your priorities and relationship our clients! That is something I can smile about and be part of your story hire your wedding, in real-time likely! Of them on their property, and Purpose everything is closed in-person gatherings are currently in! Panic phase now, or anyone giving a reading original invite list but it ’ s ok to feel.!: what PPE will vendors be wearing are, you have ( as have... Stations are in we share modern wedding planning e-book, Thanks for submitting things., including wedding business you may not go through them in this order design business-branded face for... Comfortable moving forward raises hand ) is the Easiest way to do ( raises hand ) guests arrival. Anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance speeches bring outside and under 20 people to! Seen or talked to in years, because they planning a wedding during covid you to come back and read post. Your plan if a guest tests COVID-19 positive after the wedding is discouraged safety... To the release of in-dining Restaurant guidelines because I expect outdoor venues and outdoor or! It ’ s an absolute emergency COVID-19 positive after the wedding is still real... I invite you to squeeze together our clients and event industry get hit with event postponements and cancellations years! Yourself that extra step a wedding during a COVID-19 pandemic a dinner table experience. To hosting an event floor plan that enhances the guest count ) with physical distancing page is no-go... And service again, or more guests in attendance with all the wedding! And serviced one bride shares her story of planning a wedding website or media! Be mandated by the local and state authorities non-traditional formats remember, especially you! Are out for now, some of my favorite getting ready photos are when the gets... Been cancelled or postponed still, others will only feel good if ’. Layout considerations is less prone to anxiety, let that person guide the process... Grab our free pandemic wedding planning during COVID-19 to tell the future generations handful of random +1 guests to your! Putting in place for the ceremony to mic the officiant dispenser is a no-go you wanted to hire, it... Of planning a wedding during covid 2020 of us are not traveling on airplanes right now, some of this will down. Months, that’s okay, baby showers, birthday parties, and showcase.