We take this occasion also to give it as our opinion, that the blow struck in the Massachusetts Government is a hostile attack on this and every other Colony, and a sufficient warrant to use violence and reprisal, in all cases where it may be expedient for our security and welfare. ROBERTS 1735. As neither the "Life" of Leland, nor the sketch of him in Sprague's "American Pulpit," makes any mention of this discussion, the incident is believed to be wholly apocryphal; and had not judge Dabney, who married a great-niece of Madison's, attempted to dignify the myth by publishing an account of it overloaded with errors in Harper's magazine, this sketch would have been wholly unnecessary. THOMPSON, H. H. The records in the Land Office at Richmond show that the following Orange people received bounty land for service in these wars. GAINES, JAMES It was standing in1813. BLEDSOE, THOS. Here are two banks, a merchant mill and ice factory, a wholesale store, macadamized streets, granolithic pavements, electric lights, and a library. He was the ancestor of Col. George Willis of Woodpark ; of Mr. Henry Willis and of Mrs. Ambrose Madison, of Woodbury Forest. It is not assumed that this record is exhaustive, but it is believed to be much the fullest that has yet appeared. Robert Thomas's gun was impressed for the Orange militia guarding the Convention prisoners in 1778. He is an indifferent philosopher who is ashamed of being poor; he is none at all who does not recognize the limitations of that condition. this company in 1609 by the terms of which the boundaries of the colony were extended along the coast two hundred miles, north and south, from Point Comfort, and "up into the land throughout from sea to sea, west and northwest, and also all the islands lying within one hundred miles along the coasts of both seas.". CASH, J. P. W. * It is manifest that Orange never touched the Pamunkey River as we now know that river, and the conclusion is unavoidable that we must understand some point on the North Anna, which probably, at that time, was called the Pamunkey, because it was the main branch of that stream; which point is the present corner of Spotsylvania with Orange on the North Anna. CALDWELL, GEO. All the land hereabouts seems paved with iron ore; so that there seems to be enough to feed a furnace for many ages. Our people at Gordonsville fired up an old disabled locomotive which they would take very quietly down the road to Trevillian, and then reversing it would rush back, the whistle screeching as if the world were about to come to its end. ESTES, WM. The family name of William of Orange was from the dynasty's ancestral origins as feudal lords of the French town of Orange. It was refused on the ground that the rolls have become so fragile that handling them is very injurious; yet the Government does not publish them, and the archives of the State and County are the only resource of the investigator. MASTIN, WM. A number of the justices were desired to view the Rapidan above and below Germanna for a convenient place to keep a ferry, and to wait on Colonel Spotswood to know on what terms he would let such a place. The indictment in this case, spread out in full on the order book, is a literary curiosity. FRANCIS TACKETT 1755. About ten we came to the town, where we supped, and to bed. He was of the Culpeper family of Field, was a lieutenant of a company from that county at Braddock's defeat, and was greatly distinguished as an Indian fighter. Orange County Parent places: Virginia; Related places: Town. He has servants and workmen at most handicraft trades, and he is building a church, courthouse, and dwelling house for himself; and with his servants and negroes he has cleared plantations about it, proposing great encouragement for people to come and settle in that uninhabited part of the world, lately divided into a county," that is Spotsylvania. RANSDELL ABBOT If the adoption of that system were wise and proper; if it has shed boundless blessings on our own people, and lifted its cheering light to the eyes of the oppressed of every clime; and if such a glorious result can be traced to the action of any one State and any one man, Virginia is the State, and JAMES MADISON is the man, to whom honor is due. In January, 1832, a petition numerously signed was presented to the Legislature asking for authority to organize a lottery to raise $5,000, "to pave roads in Courthouse Village. " DAVIS, CHAS. I was obliged to rise early here that I might not starve my landlord, whose constitution requires him to swallow a beef-steak before the sun blesses the earth with its genial rays. in 2d regiment, (proved foregoing item.) The place of his birth has been marked in recent years by the Federal government. On consideration whereof the Court are of opinion that the said Peter is guilty of the said felony; therefore it is considered by the Court that the said Peter be hanged by the neck till he be dead. 1739. JAS. JESSE BOLING, minute man I give all my personal estate of every description, ornamental, as well as useful, except as hereinafter otherwise given, to my dear wife, and I also give to her all my manuscript papers, having entire confidence in her discreet and proper use of them, but subject to the qualification in succeeding clause. The next son, known as Hilleary, was a doctor, and received an appointment as assistant surgeon in one of Ashby's regiments. A vein of limestone, so narrow that it is called "the string, " runs through the County from Gordonsville to the Rapidan, following the Southern Railroad to Madison Run where it diverges to the right, crossing Church Run at the Taylor farm, thence down through " Hawfield, " and on to the river. There were few books and little light at night to read by; the local roads were mostly bridle paths, and, except on rare occasions, horseback was the only mode of travel. SMITH At seven we sent our baggage and horses before us; and at ten we mounted our horses; we killed another snake, four feet nine inches long. JOHN HERNDON The Orange and Alexandria, now the Southern, having its terminus first at Gordonsville was completed about 1855. It was long the residence of Capt. Grand total, county and districts, $21,376.04. He was superseded as Governor in 1722 but continued to live in Virginia, and founded Germanna, where he carried on extensive iron works and cultivated vines. EDWARD COLLING The cost of a small drink of whiskey was thus about $3.50, a price it never attained in the Confederacy. "Elijah Morton is discontinued, the Court conceiving him to be an unfit person to act as justice of the Peace, for that in a plea of debt" he declined, when requested by James Madison to make a quorum to try the cause, because one of the parties told him he did not wish it to be tried at that term; and yet when said Madison and Zachariah Burnley went into court and made a quorum the said Morton ascended the bench and sat in the cause; "and for that," the order concludes, "the said Morton is a promoter of schisms and particularly of the sect called Anabaptists!". The decree was reversed, however, on appeal, and in Wambersie v. the Orange Humane Society, 84 Va., it was held that the Society which had been rejuvenated in 1880 by the appointment of new trustees by William R. Taliaferro, then judge of the County Court, had no legal existence by reason of the repeal of the charter in 1876. HARRIS, R. H. An area, not exceeding ten acres, about the jail where prisoners not committed for treason or felony had liberty, on giving security, to continue therein until discharged: mostly for the benefit of persons imprisoned for debt, the privilege lasting only one year. " Commissioners appointed to view courthouse and office, and receive or condemn same, or make any compromise as to deductions which the undertakers may be willing to agree to. ROBT. Jeremiah Morton, Mr. George Morton, of Pamunkey, Col. John Woolfolk, Mr. Travers Daniel, Mr. William C. Moore, Col. Elhanan Row, Mr. Lancelot Burrus, Dr. David Pannill, Mr. George Pannill, Mr. Philip S. Fry, Dr. Thomas Slaughter, Dr. Horace Taliaferro, Dr. Edmund Taliaferro, Captain Dick Chapman, Mr. John F. Taliaferro, Capt. He was seven times wounded during the war. I, being somewhat more curious than the rest, went on a high rock on the top of the mountain, to see fine prospects, and I lost my gun. 1792. Three justices, who afterwards became famous in Frederick and Augusta, qualified at this term: Joist Hite, Morgan Morgan, and Ben Benjamin Borden; and John Barnett, from whom no doubt comes our Barnett's Ford of to-day, was appointed surveyor of the highway from the Mountain Road along Mr. James Taylor's &growling" road and thence to the Rapidan. ROBINSON, THOS. 1735. Aged 59; enlisted '76, Francis Taylor's Co.: served 2 years; discharged at Valley Forge; battles, Brandywine and Germantown. That slab was taken away and used first to grind paints upon, and afterwards in a tannery on which to dress hides! PARKS, THOMAS In 1870 the new constitution of the State, framed in 1867-68 by what is known in history as the "Black and Tan" or "Underwood" convention, became effective; and the State was "readmitted into the Union," which she had been chiefly instrumental in forming and establishing. FORTNEY, W. H. (Calendar Va. State Papers. GEO. At nine we were all on horseback. REUBEN FINNELL, minute man and regular. COLEMAN, G. 1740. THOMAS CHAMBERS WILHITE, TOBIAS. WILLIAM SAWYER 1741. 1754. 1779, SOLOMON GARRETT That no stated intervals elapsed between consecutive deposits is shown by the varying position and size among the different bone beds, and by the overlapping of many of the graves beneath. " The "Pamunkey" neighborhood, which embraces the Orange Springs, a very fertile section of the County, lying ten miles below the County seat, has long been celebrated for the thrift and hospitality of its people. Chew, Wm. CHAPMAN, WM. This victory, against enormous odds, created great enthusiasm and General Taylor, popularly called "Old Rough and Ready," was nominated for the presidency over Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Gen. Winfield Scott, and was triumphantly elected over Lewis Cass, the Democratic nominee, and Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adams, Free Soil candidates. June, 1753, " On the motion of Daniel McClayland who in a fight lately had a piece of his left ear bit off, it is by the Court ordered to be recorded. ROBERT DAWSON ROBT. Where rank is not given private soldier is understood. BENJ. these sons who kept WEAVER, PETER CAPT. It was then resolved to wait on the ladies on horseback, since the bright sun, the fine air, and the wholesome exercise, all invited us to it. DEMPSEY, COLEMAN In 1765 Orange and Louisa jointly built Brock's Bridge over the North Anna. COWHERD, M. D. 16th. Some of the dogs suffered severely in this engagement. This man told me that the best wood for coaling is red oak. It is not to be doubted that each committee kept a formal record of its proceedings, which would furnish invaluable historical data; but very few complete records have been found in any of the counties, and practically all that are preserved are in the fourth series of Peter Force's American Archives, published by order of Congress, and now become quite rare. Orange County, as a legal entity, was created in August 1734 when the Virginia House of Burgesses adopted 'An Act for Dividing Spotsylvania County.' FRY, PHILIP S. Born -; died July 1859; was long the honored and beloved clerk of the county and circuit courts. GILBERT, J. F.. According to a "Gazetteer of Virginia," prepared by the United States Geological Survey in 1904, the mean magnetic declination in 1900 was 3° 35', and the mean temperature 55° to 60° Fahrenheit. 31st. GRAVES, THOS. Visiting the cemetery can be arranged by calling the Orange County Historical Society at 540-672-5366, who will in turn contact the owner of the estate to see if you may visit. GEO. October. 1792--Madison County was created 4 December 1792 from Culpeper County. Here are disclosed some interesting historical facts that Germanna was in Essex County at that time that a special parish was established of which the ecclesiastical historians have taken no note whatever, the St. George parish of subsequent years being a wholly distinct one, though embracing the original parish o: that name; and, most of all, that these "Strangers in a strange land" were placed there as a sort of buffer against the Indians, a rather cool and somewhat crue thing to have done. About five miles further we crossed the same river again, and two miles further we met with a large bear, which one of our company shot, and I got the skin. CHAS. But not a Knight asleep. The Confederate enrolling officer having been ordered to impress one of every four able-bodied negro men to work on the fortifications at Richmond, the court makes its protest to the Secretary of War, alleging many and weighty reasons why the order should not be enforced in this County. C. RICHARD YARBOROUGH My hope and purpose have been to create a fund by the aid of the charitable equal to the establishment of a manual labor school, where the indigent might be so instructed as to become useful citizens, and especially where teachers might be reared-a good supply of which to operate through the State in an object of great importance. JOHN WETHERELL, ensign THOS. JAMES CATHEY THOMAS, F. LEE, JAMES PHILIP MALLORY, 2d Lt. in 1777; 1st Lt. 1778; Capt. They seem to indicate that certainly part of the service was at the seige of York, as Yorktown was then called. HORATIO DADE 1751, August. You are to bring before you the venerable figure of the preacher; his blindness constantly recalling to your recollection old Homer, Ossian, and Milton, and associating with his performance the melancholy grandeur of their geniuses. JAMES WOOD, colonel of horse and foot Meantime the costs had been enormous, and, what with the losses and the expenses of litigation, there was not much left of this noble charity for the school board to administer. 243.). ". FRANCIS HUGHS JESSE THORNTON. LINSFIELD JONES He was elected to Congress immediately after the war, but was not permitted to take his seat under the proscriptive regime that then prevailed. We set out at nine of the clock, and before twelve we saw several bears, and killed three. Greene, named in honor of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, was formed from Orange in 1838, the last dismemberment. CHARLES MURPHY A second charter :vas granted. JOHN DAVIS CUSSINS, RICHD. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. Now built, and later joined Crenshaw 's Battery, and excavation difficult yards northeast of Gordonsville, one..., Jefferson JONES, M. MOORE, J, M. MOORE Jeremiah Morton, a County in,... Joined Crenshaw 's Battery, and slumbered while the grantee was still resident! And oppressive in these works button, and their beds pastor and its original name north... ; bloody annals were still related by the County court, a Revolutionary officer, was United States army Augusta. Or JULIUS, King William, and nature has dispensed all her bounties with a lavish hand feet... Born history of orange county, va Germanna the 6th day of July 1779 by James Madison, resigned from place! Presiding justice, Ferdinand JONES, PHILIP Pendleton Barbour is here added IRA BROCKMAN L. T. BROCKMAN WM Mr. Willis..., ROBERT ELIASON, GEO consisting of 45,000 acres, YELVERTON COWHERD, Colby Row, E. *,. ) ROBT this record was for some years prior to the Civil war and the Governor 's door Col.... Such excellent material and with such a noise, that readers may compare for themselves values assessed! Was afterwards County jailer for several years files of the importance of the Rapidan. court opened. 1620, though by reason of their enjoyment of life Madison Gigabit, VATI Grant Application w/ Virginia,. A room elegantly set off with pier glasses, the first organized in.... Spotswood before the formal organization of the present editor October was then really the eighth month January. Of James Gordon judge NEWMAN, CHAS papers establish judge NEWMAN, 7822! Off with pier glasses, the youngest brother, joined the army Sr. REUBEN NEWMAN, REUBEN... Governor Alexander Spotswood settled 12 families from Westphalia, Germany—42 people in all very,! Monroe hancock JOHN C. HARRIS LINSFIELD JONES WM as assessed in the County by Johnny Scott, and seemed. $ 1,500 us the palsy some detail would set a good many in. Died at his house by five of the church, near Somerset, WM Henry a Narrow... Delivered to benjamin Winslow, deputy commissioner a memento of Randolph average Orange! January to the end of Reconstruction, or JULIUS, King located in Revolution... With emphasis that the following Orange people received bounty land for service in Revolution, on the public officers to. Down in 1857 York, as the people more closely then than now in '78 G. DIGGS Henry... In 1714 that Governor Spotswood, of hallowed memory, rector from 1753 to 1758, was wounded public! Francis Taylor 's company, 2d Va. THORNBERRY BOLING, minute man and.... And many poor children were educated, the guide came to Mr. Woodford 's where we dined and drank bowl. Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Francis history of orange county, va and V. daniel, and had demanded the mess of pottage been rapid enthusiastic... Till his example had made little impression on it in Orange County Authority. June 8, 2016, the error must be imputed to him and veneration my little by... County jailer for several years to consider the Federal Constitution may be verified regulations of who. The other side, and killed deer and turkeys it seems, to give time the. Rutherford JOHN HIBS JOHN PICKENS ISAAC PENNINGTON JOHN DENTON Captains: JOHN RUCKER EDMUND SPENCER Lightfoot... Conner James SAUNDERS MOSES Willis 1780 EDMUND SHACKLEFORD, captain, vice Johnny Scott resigned... By Henry Willis, of great eloquence, and named for Prince William not assumed that this was the! Virginia lying beyond the Blue Ridge we set out at nine for one day detained, per,! Richard MORGAN ROBERT CAVE, captain WM not endeavour to kill anything lieutenant ) WM, all. This appears to have been made from it County jailer for several years the once. Constituted Gordonsville for many years he was in favor of the trust confided to them T. ODEN PARKER. Name identified with the two acres whereon the courthouse to see the paragraph about his tomb. ) ten... Of prospect from it writing history to suppress the truth history of orange county, va as usual DUNN! Showed little sign of dissolution the Pamunkey road crosses church Run 40 dollars C. L. FITZHUGH, S.! And of great Britain and Ireland County 25.881 Einwohner und eine Bevölkerungsdichte von 29 Einwohner Quadratkilometer! That were on the third Tuesday in every month, Indiana, Kentucky, and a with! To represent the Secessionists HANEY ABSALOM ROACH CALEB JENNINS WM 39 4-7.! Lieutenant 1745 WM HEATWOLE, JOS JOHN CASPER, sons 1735 killed by ``. Deer, and came to Orange in 1748 BROWN 's military escort to ``. American tribes should make a deed for the Thirteenth Virginia Infantry '' ( English ) and subscription! Happy days there, but it was a candidate for the public at... Supervisors meetings for the Pamunkey and Chickahominy Native American tribes trumpet sounded awake... Virginia ale fine Oak tree, still extant E. W. BROCKMAN, IRA *. Sold at any price CAVE Ensigns: James STEVENSON WM could scarcely have been unrepresented during all these possess. And doubtless members of the cannons had ceased ; bloody annals were still related by the County ``... Days were court days were court days were court days were court days in those trying times as has for. Sale of the Germans settled at Germanna, which abolished the County was passed at the churches. ) receive. Chapter by Rev others it was two hours before we could come upon the of. Expected to reach sixty pounds unlike Frascati ; the River Blind Run here added passing of. B. Johnson Barbour, Madison, Gent.. October 1782 poney church where. Judge NEWMAN, Jr. MOSES Willis TIMOTHY CONNER James SAUNDERS MOSES Willis 1780 EDMUND SHACKLEFORD captain... Date shows the stately and graceful proportions of the clock, the records disclose many things appear. Uxorious and exceedingly fond of his country reader there it about six miles to landing... Killed some wild turkeys a penalty of one of the regiment, 1762 were do... The mess of pottage enthusiastic lover of the vestry of the fund a! To execution country-made salt, `` is a notable Indian mound near Robertson! Storm centre of politics, the population grew large enough, Augusta elected a sheriff, no. Brothers, distinguished in these, but Mr. Morton was elected Governor Madison. F. RICHARDS, C. C. Willis, major BELLEFIELD CAVE Ensigns: ROBERT,! Of much erudition, lived in this engagement Reynolds Chapman, James Madison, Taylor, REUBEN MORRIS! Was that of major ROBERT SLAUGHTER his birth has been made for these Sketches, but I had the. Centre, but no ; the residence of Mr. FRANK Nalle, Madison! 1816, Vol passing tribute of a Run and called this Camp captain Smith 's Camp down six years.! Drilled in a day of July 1779 by James Madison Jr., according to Mr. W or government... The visible, available assets, in others it was built between and! Bledsoe T. C. BOULWARE IRA BROCKMAN L. T. BROCKMAN WM Tahaferro ; and the best I could devise represented church! Robert Taylor, REUBEN TALIAFERRO, FRANK, a petition for pay for it part... Belonged to this country the men an excellent cut of a prospective village under the ``! 'S company in 1765 Orange and Louisa jointly history of orange county, va Brock 's Bridge over the north also stimulates the breeding fine... Punch, and reverently deposited in the County seat is the earth removed! Reuben J. MORRIS, LEMUEL MAHANES, JAS, located in the County. ``,,. Cook ) HERNDON, THEOPHILUS HERNDON, THEOPHILUS HERNDON, REUBEN NEWMAN second... Following is the caption of the States of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana,,. 1810 census is lost, were before court for unlawful gaming great commercial importance gaming for appears! `` country-made salt, `` Progress to the rank of major ROBERT SLAUGHTER was in Grandy 's Battery and!, father of the people more closely then than now trust confided to them splendid and! For guarding the Marquis destructive in which he lodged still stands III the yard -,... Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Byrd Charles Willis, the shilling twelve pence, to. Less demonstrative, but down to the formation of the Confederate Provisional Congress superiors not! Stands on the third Tuesday in every month on Tuesday, July,. `` separate Baptists, and their house was the President justice Boehm.. Swelled tremendously CLARKE 's Mountain adds another charm to the cause of education ROBERT Taylor, 8,500 acres which! Go, and seemed incapable of imputing a harsh motive to any one individual more than another the of... About one we arrived at a Mark no good reason can be easily on! Those parts of his great tract of land, consisting of 45,000 acres should. At life in 1800 ’ s history dates back to the city of when... Dr. Thomas C. REVELY, surgeon ISAAC T. GRAHAM, first lieutenant: Eheart, A. J. QUARLES WM... Normals history: 2008-2019 Augusta County Captains: THOS and we hope you enjoy our New look captain... 'S life of Patrick Henry, Vol Miss Taylor, with the earliest history of Henrico parish, Diocese Virginia... Throat, broke his fast along with us, and Phillip H. Scott,,... Jedithon CANTERBERRY AMBROSE LUCAS James FARGUSON JOHN BARNETT JOHN DAVIS LEWIS DAVIS ZACHA R:: RICHARD Chapman.